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Some days you don’t want to have to put in any effort, it’s better to let someone else come along and take the lead. Some days even the tease is just a little too much, why bother when you can get right down to business with someone that wants you, and doesn’t make any illusions about that fact? Even young, sexy teens can be tired of being the pursed, and just want to be taken so they don’t have to do any of the work. Show them the attention, pleasure them, and make them purr, it’s all they want.

A nice couch, a warm day, and a little bit of slow, passionate sex, the trifecta of hot, sensual and sexy for a cute little teen girl. Ella’s boy shows up with his hard cock, and knows just what she wants when she’s on the couch, displayed like that. He doesn’t waste much time in showing her what he wants, as he caresses her young pussy and plays with her breasts. He dives into her sex and gets a nice taste, and she rewards him by soaking his hard cock in her saliva. What starts slow turns hard, as they indulge each other’s pleasures.

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Sweet Gina D Naked

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Some girls are the born exhibitionists, they just love it when someone admires them, and can barely control themselves at the sight they see. Some of these girls leave it with just provocative clothing, and a manner that makes the girls and boys want them, but for others that’s not enough. We love find those girls, because when they get in front of the camera you barely have to do anything but hold down the shutter button, they will do the rest.

Gina definitely had that exhibitionist streak going for her; even before her clothing hit the floor she told she was soaking wet from the idea of getting in front of the camera. Considering how fast her fingers went to her tight, cleanly shaved little pussy, we can believe her! As much as we could watch that all day, we wanted to see every inch of her perfect body, and she was happy to oblige.

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Teen Sleepover

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It’s funny, when you put a bunch of girls in one place for a long period of time, a few things happen. Some are fun, some, not so much, but one thing they will do most of the time is find ways to tease, make fun of, and generally play with any one of them that goes away for any length of time. They may not even know they’re doing it, but they will find all the things that they like about their missing friend and find ways that they can turn what they like, into something they can tease. It’s especially true when you’re at a boarding school like St Mackenzies’, when so many of these girls are together.

This time, three girls wake up and find that their roommate has slipped away early for them, and they missed the early riser. They do find that she hasn’t cleaned up though, and left out all her little nighties and the clothing she loves to wear. Well, the three of them can’t resist, they have to try out everything she leaves behind and find out how it looks on their young bodies. These girls have the bodies to make any clothing look fantastic, but they still love picking apart the missing girls’ clothes. It’s certainly something we don’t mind watching, either, because they strip down to nothing as they find various pieces to try. Once they do that, they decide there’s no real reason to get re-dressed, as long as they are going to play dress up with their roommate’s clothes.

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Sexy Teen Britney

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Some girls just make you shake your head and wonder how the heck they manage to walk down the street every day without being mobbed. They are so sweet, sexy and light that they just make everything brighter as they walk by. We love capturing those girls on film, because they almost always bring that with them, and the way they tease is like nothing else. Just a smile, or a giggle, and you melt, but once you see how much they love the tease different parts can’t stay soft for long.

Britney doesn’t just have a stellar body, she has the bubbly, happy personality that goes with it and makes you realize how hot a girl’s personality can be before they even start taking off their clothes. Of course, once she starts stripping out of her cute little panties and baby-girl T you don’t need her personality to realize how hot she really is. She’s got such confidence in her amazing breasts and cute little shaved pussy that she practically begs for photography to show how much she can tease all the boys.

Sweet little Britney strips down and masturbates.

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Little Blonde Cocksucker

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Merry Christmas Porn

Christmas Teens


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Spying on Hot Young Couple

When my teenage neighbor and her boyfriend found out that I take erotic photos, they begged me to photograph them. I decided to give it a shot and do a quick session with them. Boy am I glad I did. Not only did I get to see two hot teens fuck each other, but I got some fantastic pictures out of the deal so you can see what I got to experience in real life.

This spry young couple was a little shy at first. I told them to just do what comes naturally, so the boyfriend slid his hands down his girl’s tight jeans and into her warm crotch. She lifted up her shirt, and she wasn’t wearing a bra, so he licked her prickly nipples. They really started to warm up to the camera and they weren’t shy anymore. The clothes came off and he shoved his cock down her throat a few times to get it slippery enough to plunge into her pussy effortlessly. She moaned with pleasure and then reached down and rubbed her clit while he continued to pound her. Since they are just teens, it didn’t take long for them both to have an orgasm and cum all over my rug.

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18 And Showing it All

18 is such a great age. Still young enough to believe in the future but old enough to start spreading your wings and discovering the joys in life. Or is that spreading your legs and discovering the joy your pussy can bring you? Vika thinks it is the latter and this girl spreads her legs to play with her young pussy several times a day. It always amazes her how good an orgasm can feel and how it can make you forget about anything. Now, wouldn’t you like to show her how good a cock can feel when it comes with that orgasm? I’m sure she would love that. Vika loves sex whether she is by herself or getting her sweet little pussy pumped by a big hard cock. She doesn’t care what kind of sex she is having as long as she feels good and the orgasms cum with it!

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Sexy Russian Teen

sexy russian teen

There are few girls out there that we don’t try to control, when we do a photo shoot. They all ready know what they want out of things, and we’re almost just along for the ride. Those girls have attitude in spades, because they instinctively know how almost anyone would give anything for their chance with them. They love to keep things going as long as they can though, because for them, the tease is as much fun as the payoff.

Verunka is an amazing bombshell that just loves to keep dangling that ‘look, but don’t touch’ sign with every motion and movement of her body. She knows how much everyone wants to touch her, but if they get too eager, she also knows how to shut them down. So when we get her in front of the lens, we just let her go and show us what she wants. She loves the tease, and as she reveals more of her perfect body, she always makes sure that we’re looking, and the camera snaps away. She’s a firm believer though that you always leave that hint of a tease, so even when she bares her perfect breasts and shaved pussy, she hides just that little bit with her stockings.

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18 Years Old

18 years old

It’s hard to believe that this brunette cutie is only 18 years old. She is dignified, composed and very sophisticated. She walks that fine line between being a lady and a freak and that has never been more evident than in this thrilling photo shoot. With a very colorful necklace of beads hanging around her neck, she lifts up her top as she caresses her flat belly and shows off her white panties and thigh highs. She loses the top and strikes a few fun poses on the couch stretching her long legs in ways that flatter her firm ass while cupping her small perky tits at the same time.

She then suggestively sucks on the multi-colored necklace while one hand slips into her panties and caresses her warm coochie. The leggy teen then takes off her panties and spreads out on the couch showing off her tight pussy with a sexy landing strip before flipping onto her side and spreading her ass cheeks. She has a clean tight ass hole just begging for a penetration. Her hardened nipples give away the fact that she is very aroused and her orgasmic faces show she is ready to get herself off.

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